Tips on Finding the Best Bali Holiday Accommodation

When going on holiday to Bali, many people like to book into a luxurious hotel for their accommodation. While this can certainly be an enjoyable option, before making a final decision, it is crucial to consider what you are going to be doing and the ages of those who are going with you. For instance, little children will have different needs from teenagers or other adults, so for the holiday to be successful, you need to consider their needs as well as your own.


Bali is a popular overseas holiday destination that has many accommodation options, including hotels, but sometimes, according to Easy Villas, villas available in Bali will suit you a lot more, especially if you like to have more room to move around in.  A villa is a whole house with from one to seven bedrooms, making it ideal for groups or families. The idea of having a whole house to move around in is much more attractive than being confined to just one room.

When you have little children, they often need a day nap or to go to bed early. This means you will be spending a lot of time in one room if you book hotel accommodation.  But if you book a villa, it will be just like being at home. You’ll be able to move into another room in the house while your little one naps peacefully.

Many villas have their own private swimming pool so the parents can take it, in turn, to watch the napping child and swim, and no time is lost in travelling to a beach during this time. The family can still have fun while remaining together.

If you go with a group, renting a villa will mean you can all get together in the lounge room and chat without disturbing strangers who are in nearby hotel rooms. You and your friends won’t feel the need to talk quietly or do without your music in case it disturbs others. And when there are several people to all pay for the accommodation, it becomes very affordable.

Some Bali villas are very private without being too close to others, which is ideal for honeymoon couples or people who like their privacy. Others may be grouped closer, which can allow you to make friends with and talk to other holidaymakers, something that many people like doing. It allows them to get tips for enjoying the holiday from others who are doing the same thing they are.

A villa is usually away from the traffic that can be really noisy in a hotel room, especially if your hotel overlooks the main city streets. For those who need sleep rather than partying all night, the villa is a good choice.