A Guide To Recognising Drug Abuse In The Workplace

As an employer, you have both a legal and a moral obligation towards the welfare of your employees which can apply to such diverse areas as ensuring you pay them on time, and supporting them if they have medical needs, such as being required to enter a drug rehab program. Most employers reading that will acknowledge the first of those two examples as a given, but as for the latter, drug rehab, there may be a few raised eyebrows.

Thankfully, the number of raised eyebrows will be a lot fewer than if we had posed this same scenario thirty or so years ago. Then, an employee found to be addicted to drugs, such as an ice addiction, would have been summarily dismissed and shown the door immediately. Today, thanks to more enlightened thinking towards employment rights and acknowledgement of drug addiction as an illness, most businesses, and their owners, take supportive stances rather than judgmental ones.

Note that we are not suggesting that we condone drug talking in the workplace, nor that it should in any way be encouraged. However,  given that drug addiction is now classed as an illness rather than a crime, a more positive culture exists within businesses and the aim of supporting those blighted by shrug addiction prevails rather than punishing them.


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