What does Landscape Design Include?

If you thought landscape design was doing something nice with the garden, you’d be right – and somewhat wrong. Landscaping includes the garden, but it also encompasses a great deal more than just living plants. Anything that can be found outside the home can be included in professional garden design.
For instance, having a pool put in may or may not be done by professional landscapers, but you will certainly need their expertise to make the area around the pool look its best. You could have a low-maintenance garden installed in the vicinity of the pool or anything else that suited the needs of the area.

You could have a glass pool fence, a row of shrubs, potted or otherwise, a row of conifers to give privacy and/or shade, a sailcloth, retaining walls, a gazebo and so on. All this comes under the heading of landscaping. What else does?

  • You might want a low deck so you can walk from the house to the pool without stepping on the grass
  • An outdoor entertainment area nearby would be a great idea to facilitate pool parties or alfresco family dining
  • A feature wall or hedging that offers privacy
  • Steps and stairways leading from the house to the pool or any other outside area
  • Outdoor hardware features such as spotlighting, a water feature and outdoor seating
  • Automatic irrigation, rainwater catchment tanks, greywater catchment
  • Driveways and footpaths
  • A gazebo or any outdoor building, even a small hut for an office
  • An attractive, wide tiled area around the pool
  • Levelling the property
  • Creating a fish pond
  • Creating new gardens
  • Taking out old gardens
  • Mowing the lawn.

In fact, anything you want that is not inside the house could be considered under the heading of landscape work.

These days when both couples are very likely working, there is just no time to look after the outside of the home to any great extent, so it’s great to be able to hire a landscaper to do it all for you. They are trained and experienced in doing the work and know a great deal more about the latest trends in garden design and what plants suit a specific area.

They also keep up with all the new plants that come onto the market. So you can be sure of getting plants that suit and that may be new, which means not a lot of other people have them yet. Your garden design can be fabulous or as simple as you like without you having to do much more than say what you want. That’s a great way to have an amazing outdoor area you can enjoy to the max.