Different Colours for Your Outside Furniture

Are you a colour person? Some colours make us happy while others are said to create a calming effect, energise us or even make us sad. So it’s important to consider colours if you are creating a quiet haven outside where you can de-stress.  So how you can get colour into your outdoor furniture so that you compliment your exterior lounge area? The easiest way is through the use of furnishings under a nice shaded area either with a pergola or shade sails.

For instance, you’ll be sure to want cushions for the chairs; some alfresco furniture comes with it already in place, in which case you won’t have much choice but to go with that. But you can easily purchase smaller cushions to that lovely wicker furniture, or even boat wood furniture which could well have some of the old boat paint still on it, depending on where it is from.  Outdoor furnishings are often available from the furniture store, where they are displayed on the furniture so you can see how it looks together.

You can also add colourful rugs, mats and tablecloths for when you are using the area, although these cannot be left out there permanently or they may blow away, get dirty or fade. But if you have old alfresco furniture, you can certainly paint it to jazz it up and add the colours you crave.

Most people choose to go with earthy colours such as different shades of browns and greys as they fit in with everything. But if you are a colour person you might find these are bland and boring. There is nothing to stop you adding a blaze of colour in reds, pinks, purples, yellow and orange or whatever your favourite colours are. It can make a fun and energetic space that you and the children will all love.

Of course, you could also use Mother Nature to give you many shades of colour that will change from season to season. There are many beautiful plants with colourful flowers, attractive bark, leaves and berries that will stay on throughout those bleaker winter days. Additional colour can be found in the pot plants and statues you use to decorate your outdoor haven.

Add a brightly painted birdbath nearby and watch colourful birds such as parrots and lorikeets come to your outdoor area for a drink and a splash. You’ll get a great deal of pleasure out of watching them enjoy themselves and their rich colours will amaze you.

When you create an outdoor space it should be done in a way that you love, otherwise you won’t get the enjoyment out of it that you should. So don’t be afraid to go for colour in these different ways after all, if you decide you don’t like such bright colours it will be really easy to change to something different.