Bali Holiday Tips for Newbies

Getting ready to go to an overseas location for a holiday is very exciting and sometimes a little nerve-racking if you’ve never been before. Learning what to do from others who have been there helps a great deal. If you’ve never been to Bali before you are sure to have a great time. Here are some tips to help the newbie know what to expect and get the best out of their holiday to Bali.


  • October through to April is the rainy season, but it’s not cold unless you happen to be up in the mountains. Going at this time can be cheaper and you may get lucky with less rain than expected – or you may not. Much depends on what you plan on doing.
  • Remember it will be very humid, so make sure your villa has air conditioning.

  • If you plan to swim a lot, pack 2/3 swimsuits. Only light clothing will be needed. Go casual with shorts and tops and add 1/2 dressier casual outfits for going out at night. Leave jeans at home.
  • Comfortable walking shoes, thongs and sandals are all you’ll need for footwear.
  • Take plenty of sunscreen and tropical strength insect repellent. And something to relieve Bali Belly, just in case it should strike.
  • Use bottled water to drink and clean your teeth, keep your mouth shut in the shower and if preparing meals at your accommodation, wash the salads in bottled water too.
  • If you have small children, the pools at villas have no safety fences, but you can hire a temporary fence from a company that offers them.
  • Some villas have each bedroom in a separate pavilion, which may not suit those with younger children.
  • Seminyak is a great place to stay in Bali with plenty of shopping and food as well as bars. Uluwatu offers more of a retreat style accommodation and vibe, being quieter and a bit less touristy. Nusa Dua is a beautiful 5-star area but with not quite as authentic a flavour as other Bali areas.
  • There is no public transport in Bali. You get around by catching a taxi or hiring a private driver with a car. Both are affordable options and with the latter, the driver stays with the car and minds all your shopping. Some drivers have 7-seater vans, handy for a big family or group travel. You can also hire a motor scooter, but the traffic rules are different and a crash can ruin your holiday.
  • You can use debit or credit cards for most things, but cash is needed to pay the driver or cabs. Make sure you have small denominations as most don’t have change for larger notes.
  • If you stay at the main tourist areas you won’t need to bother getting an international data pack or a pre-paid Bali sim card.