The Definition of a Landscape Designer

The Things We Do

The creative art of making the exterior of a property beautiful and conserving it for aesthetic purposes is called landscape design. According to leading landscape design team Space Designs, elements such as plants, trees, shrubs, sustainability, topography and the structure of the soil all make up the components with which a contemporary landscape designer works with. To say that maintaining landscapes for personal and professional reasons is not a simple task is an understatement. Also, it is clear that good landscaping increases the value of a property. People involved in the landscaping business know that it can be, is, a back breaking and difficult profession. As a landscape designer, you need to possess a lot of information. A fully qualified landscape design expert knows how to deal with the complex planning involved in landscape projects. Planning and installing walkways, water features and establishing small residential gardens are all part and parcel of the work involved.

Landscaping Elements

Landscapes are made up of living and non-living elements. Construction materials such as bricks, cement, timber and pavers are easily selected and are elements with which most people are familiar. But where to get the best deal and where to buy them is not knowledge that everyone possesses. A landscape designer can come in handy in these cases. Home and business owners are happy to pay landscapers to do all the material ordering as well as planning the construction rather than messing up the whole project trying to do it themselves.


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Different Colours for Your Outside Furniture

Are you a colour person? Some colours make us happy while others are said to create a calming effect, energise us or even make us sad. So it’s important to consider colours if you are creating a quiet haven outside where you can de-stress.  So how you can get colour into your outdoor furniture so that you compliment your exterior lounge area? The easiest way is through the use of furnishings under a nice shaded area either with a pergola or shade sails.

For instance, you’ll be sure to want cushions for the chairs; some alfresco furniture comes with it already in place, in which case you won’t have much choice but to go with that. But you can easily purchase smaller cushions to that lovely wicker furniture, or even boat wood furniture which could well have some of the old boat paint still on it, depending on where it is from.  Outdoor furnishings are often available from the furniture store, where they are displayed on the furniture so you can see how it looks together.


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Home Design – Air Conditioning vs. Ceiling Fans

Many people think they shouldn’t need a ducted air conditioning system if they have ceiling fans. But I’m afraid that’s not right, especially if they live in a hot climate. Fans of all kinds move the air around. This may make you feel slightly cooler, especially if you are sweating. But once the air becomes really hot, a fan will not cool you off unless you are wet.

We all know that hot air rises, so thunderstorms occur when a cool front moves in after hot weather. This hot air congregates around the room’s top in the house, especially if the ceilings are high. When you switch ceiling fans on, they push that hot air back down to the floor, making you feel hotter than before you switched them on. Freestanding fans don’t do this.

If you have both ceiling fans and an air conditioner (and get it serviced regularly) with a high ceiling, you’ll notice it all the more because the cool air from the air con will sink to the bottom half of the room. But if you switch on the ceiling fans, once again, you’ll feel that hot air getting pushed down. Eventually, the two will merge and equalise, but leaving ceiling fans off is far better, especially in scorching hot weather.


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3 Highly Effective Carpet Cleaning Methods That The Professionals Use

One of the most effective ways of caring for the carpets in your home or office is to call upon the services of a professional carpet cleaning company. These highly skilled and experienced carpet cleaners can clean carpets of all types to the very highest standards which prolongs the life of the carpets they clean, meaning their customers need not spend as much or as frequently, replacing carpets.

If you have ever wondered how professional carpets do their work, it is hopefully clear that they do not simply turn up and vacuum. What they are more likely to do is to employ one of the core cleaning methods that only professional carpet cleaning companies use.

These carpet cleaning methods normally require special carpet cleaning equipment, specific detergents, and more impotently the skills, experience and professionalism of the people employed to clean your carpets to ensure that the house or office cleaning is done to the highest level. As for the specifics of the methods that professional carpet cleansers employ, here are three of the most commonly used.


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7 Design Variables To Consider For Custom Labels

There are many reasons why you might wish to acquire custom labels as part of an organising system. It could be for your kitchen, your pantry, your office, a workshop, or your garage. Whichever reason applies, and whichever type of organisation system you have used, the fact that you can acquire custom labels means that you can have them made to just about any specification you require.

Many people will be more than happy to purchase the standard label as it comes and use them for whatever they need them for. At the other end of the scale are those who want the maximum level of personalisation in the sense that every aspect of the custom label’s design is done to their preferences.

You might be thinking that a label, even if it is a custom label, is an extremely simple item and could not possibly have more than one or two ways of being made to look different to any other label. Well, your thinking would be erroneous, which we are about to prove by explaining seven design variables for custom labels. Also, bear in mind these are not all possible variations.


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What Not to Skimp On During a Bathroom Renovation

There’s no denying that your average bathroom renovation can cost a lot of money. However, it is often money well spent. You get to enjoy a new, beautiful bathroom while increasing the value of your property at the same time.

It’s only natural to want to save money and even cut costs when undertaking a bathroom renovation. While you can do this in some ways – such as by choosing discount flooring or buying fixtures on sale – there are times when it’s not appropriate. Read on to learn what you can’t skimp on during a bathroom renovation.

Renovation Experts
Many of us think we can try our hand at almost anything and get the same results as experts. You might watch a few YouTube tutorials to understand how to install a towel rail, but the rest requires much more experience.

One of the most important things you don’t want to skimp on is expert help. A bathroom renovation team does this job for a living, so they know about the best materials and building material supplier, the best colour schemes, and the most appropriate changes to make during the renovation process.


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Web Design Tips To Help Your Website Get Found

The most important goal for any business website is to engage and convert visitors to customers, but this cannot be accomplished unless visitors can actually find your website amongst the millions that are out there. Web design has an important part to play in getting found, so here are some tips to help ensure your website can be found by potential customers.

  • In the early days of Internet action, things were somewhat simpler. These days there are many different factors to take into account if you want your web business to be successful. One of them is responsive design. This simply means ensuring your website shows up well on mobile phones and other devices with small screens. This is called responsive web design and is important since around 84% of people now access the Internet with their mobile phones.


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Why Should I Use A Professional Designer To Build My WordPress Website?

Building a WordPress website can be hard, especially if you don’t have a lot of web development experience. Sure, you might be able to choose an attractive theme and change things like colours and fonts, but will you be able to really customize your site like you want to?

Ultimately, no, you won’t. However, a professional WordPress developer or designer will be able to help you build a website that stands out from your competitors.

Below I’ve run through a few of the reasons why I always use an experienced designer when I’m building new websites. They include:

A Professional Designer Will Be Able To Build The Site You Want

Personally, I get frustrated easily. And there’s nothing quite as frustrating as trying to build a new WordPress website and not being able to get it quite right.

Sure, you might know what you want and be able to visualize it in your head, but actually turning your visualizations into a working product isn’t easy.

Fortunately, an experienced web designer will be able to work alongside you to create a beautiful website that meets your needs. When I’ve worked with designers in the past, I’ve sat down with them, discussed the exact information and design I want, and left them to it.

A Professionally Designed Website Will Be SEO Friendly

According to, Search engine optimisation, or SEO, is a crucial consideration when you’re building a new WordPress website. However, it isn’t always easy – especially if you’re site isn’t built well.


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Designing The Perfect Pool Fence For Your Home

Designing your dream pool and the corresponding fencing to complement your existing landscape design can be difficult, even for the best of designers. If you’re trying to save a bit of money by designing your fence on your own, you need to think about a wide range of things to make sure that you end up with a finished product that you and your family can enjoy for years to come.

There are a lot of different pool fence styles on the market, but pool fencing is becoming increasingly popular. Glass fencing is incredibly versatile and adaptable, and it can be customised to work with pretty much any landscape design. It can be more expensive than other pool fence styles, but it’s also usually more durable and easier to maintain.

Below you will find a few tips and tricks to help you design the perfect pool fence to compliment both your existing landscape design and your home.

Make Sure You Match Your Colours

The first thing that you need to think about when choosing the perfect pool fence to match your existing home and landscape design is the colour scheme that you’re going to follow. Make sure that you match the colours of your new fence to the colours of the existing elements in your backyard.


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Jewellery Designs that Stand Out From the Crowd

Whether you love making jewellery or you love buying it from a jewellery store, you will no doubt have an eye for what looks hot or not. Jewellery all has one thing in common – it’s beautiful, but that doesn’t mean it all stands out from the crowd. If you want to build or buy a piece that’s “you” through and through, then here’s how to do it.

Use Color

Most people think you can buy jewellery in gold and silver, and that’s about all, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. There is a multitude of metal types from which to choose, but you can also change it up with what sits on that metal as well.

On necklaces, rings, and earrings, you can add bold plastic pieces and colours that enhance the metal. Take yellow, for example. You can customize silver jewellery with yellow accents and then tie it in beautifully with vibrant clothing. You and your outfit will look a million bucks.

Layer it Up

Some jewellery designs are all about creating a look with more than one piece. Let the jewellery tell its story on its own, but write the whole book with a collection. Stacking jewellery up is a fashion trend that has been in and out since time began.


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