3 Highly Effective Carpet Cleaning Methods That The Professionals Use

One of the most effective ways of caring for the carpets in your home or office is to call upon the services of a professional carpet cleaning company. These highly skilled and experienced carpet cleaners can clean carpets of all types to the very highest standards which prolongs the life of the carpets they clean, meaning their customers need not spend as much or as frequently, replacing carpets.

If you have ever wondered how professional carpets do their work, it is hopefully clear that they do not simply turn up and vacuum. What they are more likely to do is to employ one of the core cleaning methods that only professional carpet cleaning companies use.

These carpet cleaning methods normally require special carpet cleaning equipment, specific detergents, and more impotently the skills, experience and professionalism of the people employed to clean your carpets to ensure that the house or office cleaning is done to the highest level. As for the specifics of the methods that professional carpet cleansers employ, here are three of the most commonly used.

Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning

Encapsulation carpet cleaning is used by professional cleaning companies when they are cleaning carpets that are not best suited to having water applied to them. The process uses a cleaning solution that creates a lather, and it is this lather that is the primary cleaning agent for removing deep-seated dirt and grime.

After the lather is applied, the carpet is left to dry. Once it has dried, the lather will have transformed into a granular powder substance. This can then be removed from the carpet using a vacuum cleaner. Advantages of encapsulation carpet cleaning include using only a small amount of water, carpets drying quickly, and it is especially effective on carpets that receive lots of footfall.

Carpet Shampooing

The name of this carpet cleaning method gives away the fact that the cleaning solution used is carpet shampoo. As the shampooing takes place, foam and lather are created. When carpet shampooing is done professionally, a carpet scrubbing appliance is used.

This appliance usually has a spinning disc that gently scrubs the carpet whilst at the same time removing the lather which contains the dirt and grime which has been lifted. Shampooing is most suited to carpets with low piles. Issues associated with shampooing include the use of a lot of water and it takes some time for the carpet to dry afterwards.

Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning

This carpet cleaning method is often used by professional carpet cleaners to clean carpets regarded as delicate. This means that the colours, structure, and fibres of the carpet are less prone to damage than from the other carpet cleaning methods we have highlighted. The process starts with the carpet being primed to loosen the dirt, grime, and dust that the carpet may contain.

Next, water is mixed with a carpet detergent and then applied at high pressure to the carpet. This dissolves many of the undesirable elements within the carpet. In addition, a brush that has special bristles is applied which further enhances the cleaning process. Once the washing has been completed, further treatment with hot water finishes the clean, and then the carpet is left to air dry. One downside is that it can take the carpet up to 24 hours to fully dry.