What do Architects Need to Know About Timber Flooring?

Duty of the Architect

With only a few exceptions, there is no single project done by an architect that sources its products from an individual supplier. Many manufacturers work together with architects, engineers and contractors to design and build the home. Everything from the roof, the windows, the kitchen countertops and even the hinges are specifically selected for their functionality and aesthetic quality. The same selection process goes for something as seemingly simple as timber flooring. It is a structural element that contributes greatly to the quality of the space, so it’s of paramount importance that architects select the most appropriate material on which we walk.

The Role of Wood Flooring

This іѕ where wood соmеѕ in. You’ve seen bad wooden floors, but really great timber flooring is an instant turn-on. It’s sexy. It’s clean. Fake wood flooring and ceramic tiles don’t come close to the depth of texture you will find in an all-natural wooden floor

Each individual plank has a unique pattern that cannot be copied by the plank next to it.


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