The Definition of a Landscape Designer

The Things We Do

The creative art of making the exterior of a property beautiful and conserving it for aesthetic purposes is called landscape design. According to leading landscape design team Space Designs, elements such as plants, trees, shrubs, sustainability, topography and the structure of the soil all make up the components with which a contemporary landscape designer works with. To say that maintaining landscapes for personal and professional reasons is not a simple task is an understatement. Also, it is clear that good landscaping increases the value of a property. People involved in the landscaping business know that it can be, is, a back breaking and difficult profession. As a landscape designer, you need to possess a lot of information. A fully qualified landscape design expert knows how to deal with the complex planning involved in landscape projects. Planning and installing walkways, water features and establishing small residential gardens are all part and parcel of the work involved.

Landscaping Elements

Landscapes are made up of living and non-living elements. Construction materials such as bricks, cement, timber and pavers are easily selected and are elements with which most people are familiar. But where to get the best deal and where to buy them is not knowledge that everyone possesses. A landscape designer can come in handy in these cases. Home and business owners are happy to pay landscapers to do all the material ordering as well as planning the construction rather than messing up the whole project trying to do it themselves.

It’s Hard Work

People are not that inclined to clean overgrown gardens and then plan out a project to beautify their outdoor area. That is a job for a landscape designer who has both the expertise and the experience to complete the project. They know the local climate and soil conditions and will provide suggestions to their clients on how best to establish a beautiful yard or garden and how it can be kept that way with minimal upkeep and maintenance costs. Landscape designers own the right lawn mowing tools and other gardening equipment that enables them to complete the most difficult jobs. Their knowledge of horticulture helps them bring gardens back to life by planting plant and flower varieties suitable to the area and the soil.

Project Managers

Their work isn’t restricted to shrubs and plants either. They get involved in constructing decks, porches and even outdoor kitchen and BBQ areas. They create designs and make plans, present them to clients for approval, and then after consultation make the necessary changes. Landscape Designers are basically project managers who organise and work on the design project, keep clients up to date, make alterations on the go, and stick to the client’s budget. A true professional landscape designer is aware of the latest trends and is able to provide what the client wants in the best possible way.