All The Facts About Tongue-Tie And How Children Suffering From It Are Helped By Speech Pathologists

You have more than likely heard the term “tongue-tied” used to describe someone struggling to say something when they are flustered, but as any speech pathologist will tell you, the medical condition “tongue-tie” has a lot more to it than just stumbling over a few words. Those who have tongue tie often have severe difficulties with their speech and ability to eat.

Read on, and we will explain what tongue tie is, how it affects those who suffer from the condition, how it is diagnosed if surgery is deemed necessary, how the decision is made to proceed and whether to consider seeing a speech therapist.

What Is Tongue-Tie?

It is with some warped humour that the person who decided upon the medical word for tongue-tie chose “ankyloglossia”, which seems difficult enough to pronounce even for those with perfect speech. As for the condition itself, it is found in people with a short frenulum, or “tie”, as it is often referred to. If it is too short, the frenulum will tightly hold the tongue to the floor of the mouth, reducing the tongue’s reach, flexibility, and mobility.


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