Your Ultimate Guide To Removal Packing Materials And Boxes

Whenever you move home, you will, in most cases, rely upon removalists from to take your belongings from your old home to your new one. In addition to physically loading their vans with your belongings, transporting them, and then unloading them at your new home, removalists also provide another hugely important service: the supply of boxes and packing materials.

If you consider that many items will have a high value, be that monetary or sentimental, as well the care taken by your removalists, it is often the boxes items are in and the packing that surrounds them that ensures that each one that is moved from home to home gets there undamaged and in one piece. It is, therefore, essential that the packing and boxes you select and use are the most appropriate.

As we mentioned above, your removalists can supply these, and we recommend you follow this course of action, as well as the advice given by your removalists regarding what boxes and packing you should use. To help you understand what many of their recommendations might be, we have outlined our ultimate guide to packing materials and boxes below.

Box Sizes

  • Small Boxes – Capacity up to 36 cubic litres: Used for smaller items such as toys, shoes, books, canned foods, small utensils, smaller devices, toiletries, and jewellery.
  • Medium Boxes – Capacity up to 52 cubic litres: Medium boxes are likely to contain small appliances, clothes, dishes, lamps and lamp shades, larger toys, larger tools, pictures and photo frames.


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