Top Logo Design Trends

As with everything else concerning life in general and the Internet specifically, trends come and go. Logo and web design trends have evolved and changed over the years, some of them becoming classic and others just staying long enough for us to enjoy, then cast aside.  There are many factors that influence trends of all kinds, including the design of logos. Sometimes it is simply that a design works really well so it becomes a classic. It can also be that something new pops up and becomes popular for a while but then falls by the wayside for whatever reason.

However, here are some of the current top logo design trends that seem set to stay.

  • Designs can be simple or complex, artistic or not, but if they don’t look good on all the screens in use today from small to large then they won’t stay around for long. That is why flat designs continue to dominate the Internet scene. They look clear on mobile phone screens and they load faster. They still look good in any colour as well as black or grey.
  • As people turn to seeking authenticity and honesty from the companies they do business with, logos that look handmade have become popular. It gives the company a more personal look and feel that people like. Even digital logos can look as if they are handmade. This includes the font and the graphics
  • Experts predict that kinetic logos will become popular and they are. This is where some part of the logo stays the same, but other parts change. It could be that the lower half of the design remains stable but the upper half changes to reflect the diversity of the company. Or it could be the text stays the same but is enclosed in different shapes or colours.
  • Many people enjoy the challenge or puzzle of working out a logo that uses white space as a major part of the logo. This can add a deeper meaning to the black part. For instance, The Guild of Food Writers logo is a black pen nib with the centre split being white and in the shape of a spoon. So the logo points to both the writing and the food elements of the company.
  • Similarly, letter stacking has become a popular kind of logo. It offers designers a creative way to present longer text artistically and intrigues the public.
  • Mono lines are another hot trend for logos. This is using thin lines of all the same ’weight’ and colour for the whole logo, both the text and the graphic. The result is clean, clear and honest with a touch of handmade in it. It also translates well onto smaller screens.

Trends keep us all on our toes and make things interesting.