Who to Choose for Rental Maintenance

Real estate agents will be fully aware of the need for both residential and commercial property maintenance. There is no way a unit or any property can be re-let when it is in terrible shape. Very often, the previous tenants have left it not only dirty but in need of repairs as well. Having a maintenance company that also includes a handyman for the repairs will certainly save you time and effort in finding two or maybe even three different companies to help.

When you find a company that offers multiple services, from general cleaning inside and high-pressure external cleaning to gardening, mowing and steam cleaning the carpet, your stress levels go down because suddenly there is less for you to do. When that company also offers electrical repairs and broken window repair and will fix the leak in the roof, you know you are onto a winner.

Only having one company to organize instead of three or four really does make your life easier and less stressful. When you have to deal with several companies, it is really hard to get them all to come at the same time. This means the property that needs fixing up will be left without a tenant for weeks on end. The owner will not be happy, and neither will the real estate company.

Having one company do all the work means it will get done a great deal more quickly and with minimum effort on your part. No matter whether there is a leaking cistern and taps, the carpet needs to be steam cleaned or removed altogether, graffiti covers the walls, the windows have been broken, and electrical repairs need to be done, that one company has all the qualified staff needed to fix it.

All you have to do is make one phone call and tell them what the problems are. Then they will inspect the building and give you a quote. Once you have dealt with them once, you may not even worry about getting the quote because it is sure to be competitive with four other companies that would be needed to get those jobs done.

Getting all the property maintenance done by one company is the way to go and will save you many hassles.  The property will soon start to look like it should – as if someone really cares for it on a daily basis. That means you will soon have potential tenants lining up, eager to lease or rent it again, whether it is a home or a commercial property. And you won’t feel pressured by anyone because the property is still in too bad a condition to rent out. Life can sometimes be that easy.