Who Can Benefit From Breast Implants?

The answer to who can benefit from breast implants may seem obvious, but there is more to it than simple physical looks. Of course, we know that people with very small breasts will benefit from having implants if they are unhappy about their body image, but not all women worry about that.

And those that do may be worried about it for the wrong reasons. For instance, many women see having this operation as the be-all and end-all to their worries. They expect to have an improved lifestyle, multiple dates or a partner, a satisfying sex life and children all due to having larger breasts. The truth is this won’t necessarily happen.

Naturally, breast implants can make you happier with your body image, but if you were a quiet, shy type of person before, you will still be that same person after the operation. Physical changes like larger breasts don’t change your ability to enjoy life or your nature. If you were bossy, cranky, bad-tempered or a nag before the operation, you would still be like that.

However, if you are a naturally content and happy person and someone who can make an effort to improve your lifestyle when you know it is not quite what you want without having surgery to do it, then having breast implants for your own satisfaction will probably work for you. Anyone with micromastia – breasts that have never developed – or people whose breasts are not the same size or shape can really benefit from having implants.

Older women whose breast tissue flattens out after having children and breastfeeding and whose breasts never regain their original size and shape are also good candidates for breast implant surgery. This is because such people want back what they have lost rather than wanting to try something they’ve never had and having unrealistic expectations of what it will do for them.

The thing is that you can’t expect to have just one operation. Breast implants are a long term responsibility because they’ll need replacing at least once over your lifetime and probably more, especially if you have the operation when young. Your body will change as you age, and what looked great when you were young may not suit you as you age.

Then there are sometimes problems with the implants breaking. This will need another operation to fix, so that’s something to consider before you take that first step.

People who are extremely discontent with their life and expect a breast implant to change it would be better off having counselling and trying other things first. If you are only having it done to please someone else, then this, too, is not a good reason. You should not have to undergo such radical surgery just because someone else wants to change your looks. They should love you for who you are and how you look now.