Where to Find Out About Divorce Proceedings

If you are in a failed relationship and want to apply for divorce, there are several ways in which to find help. According to experienced family lawyers Robertson Hayles, first and foremost, you may want to consult with family lawyers who are experienced in divorce and can tell you everything you need to do. In fact, they will do most of the work for you. You only need to instruct them to do it and add your signature to the forms.

It often helps to talk to a neutral third party, such as experienced family lawyers or mediators, when you have been under the kind of stress that a breakdown in a relationship usually results in. Having someone explain what you need to do and offer their help can mean the difference in whether you cope with your divorce and come through it successfully or whether you flounder in a sea of hopeless depression caused by not being able to make decisions or not knowing what decision would be best given a specific circumstance. Sometimes you need someone who you can trust to be on your side to advise you.

It is also possible to find general advice on divorce by going online and typing in keywords along with the initials of your state to ensure you get the right advice. The states vary slightly in their rules and requirements, so you need to be sure you are following the right advice.  While not everyone has access to a computer, if you still have computer skills, it is possible to access a computer and the Internet from a library, an internet cafe or even the Family Court of WA Registry in Perth if you live close enough.

Those who don’t have computer skills can contact The Family Court Registry to request an Application for Divorce.  This can be done by phone or by going to the physical address in your state. However, if you haven’t been separated for 12 months, you cannot file for a divorce.  Being separated for that time is a legal requirement. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to live in a separate building, especially if that would cause financial hardship.

It may also be possible to get information from a family friend or a counsellor. However, the best advice would come from the family lawyer as they know exactly what has to be done and when.

It is possible to be separated while still living in the same home. However, you need to tell family and friends you are separated, not sleep in the same room, not go out together or entertain friends together and not have meals together or do domestic duties for each other for the full 12 months. Take note of the day the separation started so that 12 months and 1 day after it, you can apply for the divorce.