What is the Best Diet?

There are many diets in the world today; some work well for some people, while others fail miserably at what they are meant to accomplish. Some diets are simply fad diets that quickly lose popularity, while others have stood the test of time and become classic favourites for those looking to lose some weight. Yet dieting remains very difficult for many people.

You might consider the best diet to be one that causes you to lose weight quickly, but this is not strictly true if you are thinking about the nutrition your body needs to remain healthy. Some diets work because they don’t provide enough food for anything, let alone health. Of course the weight falls off, but your body is starved of the nutrients it needs to function.

This is really dangerous because your body will take nutrients such as calcium out of your bones in order to put it where it is desperately needed. This can cause your bones to become brittle over time and it can affect your teeth as well. That is why when dieting you need to be sure you are still getting the important nutrients needed for your body to function properly.

So the best diet is not the one that causes immediate and fast weight loss. It is one that provides essential nutrients while limiting things you don’t need, such as sugar. You might have thought fat was a non-essential, but without the right kind of fat your body cannot function properly. A diet that is completely lacking in all fats is a dangerous diet that should be avoided.

Many diets contain complicated recipes using foods we don’t really like that much because they are not something we’ve been used to eating. Changing your food habits can be harder than dieting. If a diet still allows you to eat the kind of food you like, then it is more likely to work.  You can go on a diet simply by reducing quantities of your normal food slightly instead of changing to some exotic food you don’t really like.

This is no fad diet that needs hours of working out quantities and shopping for ingredients you’ve never heard of.  It’s more of a lifestyle change than a diet something that you adopt as your new forever life. You don’t go off it as soon as you’ve dropped a kilo. Staying on this ‘diet’ all the time will ensure slow and steady weight loss over time, which is far healthier and less stressful for your body.

Cutting back on portions can allow you to eat the kind of foods you like so you don’t feel deprived.  And if you pig out occasionally, you can compensate by cutting back a bit on the next few meals, or by leaving out a high- calorie food such as potatoes, for one or two meals.