What are Your DJ Expectations?

When it comes to choosing a DJ, event and party planners, have certain expectations. Once you have considered your expectations and decided exactly what you want, DJ hire becomes a lot simpler, and you are more likely to be successful in choosing the right person for the job. Not all DJs do the same kinds of things; for instance, some play music and don’t talk, so if you want your DJ to perform MC duties as well, it is essential to choose someone who has those skills.

Here are some questions to ask before choosing a DJ

  • Do I need a DJ who talks or one that plays music?
  • Should the DJ be interactive with the crowd or quiet and sophisticated?
  • What kind of music would best suit my event, and does the DJ have that?
  • What kind of experience does the DJ need to have? Some are experienced with large crowds and outdoor spaces, while others prefer to work indoors in a smaller area.
  • What kind of equipment does a DJ need for my event? Any outdoor event requires different DJ equipment from indoor events to be successful.
  • Do I need a flexible DJ who can play song requests from the crowd?
  • Is the DJ dependable in turning up on time and giving a good show? No one wants a DJ to turn up late or drunk, so dependability is very important.

Many events depend a great deal on the DJ for their success. There always needs to be some leader in a crowd, and this is exactly what the DJ does; leads the crowd in enjoying themselves and having a great time. DJ skills are amazing as they can read the mood of the crowd and, with just a few words and an appropriate music choice, can change that mood.

For instance, at the beginning of the event, he can motivate the crowd to become excited and expectant of a good time, but at the end of the event, he will play soft music so that they will be in a quieter frame of mind to move away from the event and go home.

The right DJ is an excellent and essential asset to have for any event where music is to be played, which is why it is important to choose carefully.  Considering your needs is an important part of the process and helps you to decide what is best for your particular type of event. If you are planning an outdoor music festival, for instance, you would need a different kind of DJ than if your event is for older people inside a senior citizen’s centre.