Web Design Tips To Help Your Website Get Found

The most important goal for any business website is to engage and convert visitors to customers, but this cannot be accomplished unless visitors can actually find your website amongst the millions that are out there. Web design has an important part to play in getting found, so here are some tips to help ensure your website can be found by potential customers.

  • In the early days of Internet action, things were somewhat simpler. These days there are many different factors to take into account if you want your web business to be successful. One of them is responsive design. This simply means ensuring your website shows up well on mobile phones and other devices with small screens. This is called responsive web design and is important since around 84% of people now access the Internet with their mobile phones.

  • Getting found also means thinking like your customer. What words would they use in a search engine when looking for your product or services? Find out and use those keywords on your website pages by including them in page titles, headings, subtitles, metadata and in the content you write for your pages.  Offer valuable information about the topic, and don’t stuff the keywords in unnaturally. This is good Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).
  • Using images, videos, blogs, eBooks or email courses can all add to the content and give you more chances to include important keywords. Even image file names and navigation can and should include keywords. But ensure everything is kept relevant to the needs of visitors.
  • Let simplicity be the watchword when it comes to web design. Simplicity helps the Search Engines to see and understand what your page is about.  They are then more likely to show it when the search term – keyword –  is used.  Simplicity is also useful when visitors land on your pages. Distracting them with ads and links that will take them away from your site is a bad idea. Make everything super easy and simple to find.
  • Create links to other professional websites that are not competing directly against you. This helps to give your website authority. When you find such a website, ask if they would like to exchange links with you. Some will agree since it also helps them, and inbound links are important too. Internal links from page to page of your own website are also important parts of SEO.
  • Link your website to your social profile and have Follow buttons on your web pages so visitors can also share pages they like. Whenever you update your site, share the information on the social media sites. This will help your website be found by people as well as search engines.