Treatments for Tattoo Removal

Some tattoos are quite pretty, while others are revolting. People with any kind of tattoo often regret the day they decided to have ink injected under their skin. Sometimes they have the initials of a loved one tattooed onto their skin. Then when they break up, it is something they wish to get rid of. Nowadays, there is a better treatment to get rid of those initials or any other tattoo called PicoSure Tattoo Removal.

In the past, nothing was able to remove a tattoo; then, various treatments were tried, mostly with little success. In some cases, the results were worse than the tattoo, leaving the skin scarred and unattractive. These days things are a little different – or rather, a big bit different. Laser treatment was found to break up the pigments under the skin into small pieces so that the body could get rid of them naturally rather than trying to remove them surgically.

The trouble with a lot of laser treatment is that in the wrong hands, it, too, could cause a problem with scarring or burning. People need to be carefully trained to use the laser machine. And then, there were different machines of varying strengths, and most practitioners were only trained on one machine. If they then had to use another one, they could have the setting too high or too low. The first would burn, while the second would not work at all. So you can see why tattoo removal was often unsuccessful.

However, in spite of the problems, technicians and other clever people kept on trying different ways or inventing different machines. Using the same principle but altering some parts of it has proven successful at last. The PicoSure Tattoo Removal machine still uses laser but in a different way. What is different about it is the intensity and length of time the light is applied to the skin.

A shorter time period, along with greater intensity, is found to give superior results in removing tattoos and other kinds of pigmentation on the skin. It allows a better breakup of the pigment into even smaller pieces that the body can more readily absorb into the bloodstream to be removed.

Because the laser beam is not in the skin for as long, there are fewer complications, and when they do appear, they are not as bad. This is good news for those with tattoos that want to be removed and for people with skin pigmentation that needs to be removed for aesthetic reasons. Most tattoo removal has been found to be extremely successful with the PicoSure method.

So if you wanted a tattoo or skin pigment removed, why not try this method? You don’t have anything to lose – except your tattoo.