Tired of the Aquarium? How about a Vivarium for Your Home?

Many people enjoy watching fish swimming around in their fish tanks or aquarium, especially one that is set up for tropical fish, which are so pretty. However, it may be difficult to maintain, especially if you go away a lot or if blackouts are common in your area. A Vivarium offers something that is quite different from the aquarium and can become a great talking point for guests as well as a great way to add an unusual decorative feature to your home.

What is a Vivarium? It is an enclosed glass container set up to contain reptiles such as lizards. It must be capable of maintaining the right temperature, just like an aquarium for tropical fish, but it contains no water – unless you have frogs and other amphibians instead of reptiles. World-renowned Interior Designer and Super Yacht designer Sam Sorgiovanni designed no less than two vivariums as well as an aquarium for the superyacht Nirvana, so you don’t have to do away with your aquarium just to get a Vivarium. Have both if you want to.

It is easy enough to purchase a Vivarium ready to go, and this certainly saves working out things like the best gravel or soil, rocks or plants and so on, not to mention lights and temperature. These must all be suitable for the creatures you are going to keep in the Vivarium, and usually, it will need to be hotter than the temperature in your home. It may or may not need to have humidity as well, depending on the type of reptile you intend to keep.

Desert-dwelling reptiles would require a hot, dry atmosphere, while tropical lizards need humidity to survive. You’ll need to feed the creatures in the Vivarium, too, so it’s essential to know just what they like to eat and how often.

If you have more than one type of reptile, you’ll need to ensure they can live together happily. Just like some fish eat others, certain reptiles become food for others, while many types live on insects of some kind.  Learning about your reptiles can be very interesting, and children are often fascinated by watching these little creatures. Having them in a habitat that closely resembles their natural one will ensure they survive for a long time.

For some people, a Vivarium is also like a sort of terrarium as they may add the kind of plants that are in the reptile’s natural home. Most Vivariums are not fully sealed, but some are, especially if they contain snakes. Keeping lizards and other reptiles means you would want the lid to have really small holes so they can’t get out, as this would put them in danger of being walked on – and your guests possibly in danger of having a heart attack.