Tips to Decorate Garden Pots

Garden pots don’t have to be plain or boring. There are many ways that they can be decorated to make them unusual, unique and attractive. Besides, decorating pots can be a lot of fun and makes them into your own creations. You don’t even have to be especially crafty to make your pots shine. Here are some tips to get your creative juices flowing.


  • Take any kind of pot and wrap it in a rope. The rope should not be too thick, and it’s best if it is not synthetic. Start at the bottom and wind the rope carefully around the pot, gluing it with a hot glue gun as you go. At the top, tuck the last bit under the row before and glue it down. Now take a thinner rope and glue it to the middle of one side in a flower shape – or any shape you want.

  • Purchase spray paints in colours you like and spray the pots. You can do one a base colour, and when it dries, add a row of cut-out cardboard shapes with small blobs of blue tack. Spray paint over the shapes with a different colour, then remove them when the paint is dry. Shapes can be round, diamond, star or anything you like.

  • Are you an avid shell collector? Glue your shells all over the pot or just in shape such as a big circle or square – or maybe a sea horse shape. Spray with gold paint, or leave it natural.
  • You can also glue small pebbles in whirly patterns over the pot. Or keep it simple and have one or two rows circling the pot.
  • Purchase wooden shapes from a craft shop and glue these onto the pots. You might want to paint a picture on them first if they are basic shapes. If not, spray paint them with a colour that contrasts with the colour of the pot.
  • If you are artistic, you might want to use the side of the pot as your next blank canvas and create a work of art on it.
  • Suppose you have a pot with straight sides, glue pieces of thin dowel vertically along the sides or horizontally. To be fancy, paint them different colours. You could have pink and white alternately, for instance. But they still look effective when left natural or stained.
  • You could decorate your pot with some of the many cute and pretty supplies that scrap-bookers use to decorate their albums.
  • Gather up some of the small items that you usually throw out: an old eraser, a pencil, bottle tops, a plastic fork or spoon, old jewellery, a tiny toy, a cork and so on. Make sure you have enough to cover one side of the garden pot, then glue them on randomly so that some overlap. Spray paint the whole in the black. You’ll be amazed at how decorative this looks.