The Role of Link Building in SEO

Much is said about the role of SEO in getting a website into the first page of the search engines result, giving it a far better chance of being chosen by the person who typed in a specific keyword or phrase.  But most people think of search engine optimisation as using suitable keywords in the text of their website.  However, adding keywords to the appropriate places is only a small part of the overall digital strategy that should be used to ensure the success of any website.

Link building also plays a significant part of SEO. Back when search engines were not that smart, people got away with using what is known as ‘black hat’ techniques to enhance the visibility of a website. One of those techniques was to do a bulk link to ‘link farms’. For a reasonable cost, these link farms would supply links to many websites that got good traffic – but they usually weren’t the kind of websites you’d want to be linked to.


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