Reasons For Using Online Team Building Activities

One of the ‘difficulties’ often cited by those who want to use team building activities to enhance their team’s togetherness is that they are unable to think of any. At the risk of sounding rude, that is simply nonsense as there are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of team-building activities that they could utilise.

There are so many that they can be split into different categories depending on what sort of team-building exercise it is or their specific purpose, and there are also sub-divisions with regard to where the team-building activities take place. One of those categories is team-building activities that take place online or virtually, which is the term sometimes used.

It might seem strange to some that a team-building exercise should take place online, given that they may have a team of sports players or employees who all work in the same office. However, there are several reasons why it makes sense to have a virtual or online team-building activity rather than one where everyone is in the same location.

The first points to recent events with regard to the coronavirus pandemic whereby, depending on where you live, it meant that restrictions regarding getting together for most activities were not possible or even allowed. This meant that many activities that would normally have taken place physically switched to online, with meetings being a prime example and team building activities being another.

A second reason for online team building could be that the team actually live in many different locations. An example could be a company’s salesforce who each live in a different part of the country and cover that area. Obviously, for them to meet together would mean considerable travel expenses and some logistical problems, but meeting online for a team-building exercise would be perfectly possible and affordable.

A third reason for taking your team building activities online would be that the sorts of activities it provides are more suited to your team or organisation than one which would require meeting at a location. An example of this might be problem-solving exercises whereby it would be easier for the team to carry out their research and communicate online than it would elsewhere.

A fourth reason why online team building activities might be more desirable is that you have absolute control over the environment in which they are conducted and can more easily generate the atmosphere you want whilst the activity is taking place.

Carrying out a team building exercise using a platform such as Zoom, for example, allows you to basically ‘run the show’. This is not the case when you are using an external company. However, it must be pointed out that these team-building companies are experts at getting results from their team-building activities, so you have to weigh up your chance of you getting results versus theirs.

Finally, there is the fact that conducting a team building exercise online will, in most cases, be cheaper than it might be to have one at a specific location. We must stress that this is not to suggest that physical team building exercises are not excellent value for money, nor that they are necessarily expensive.

However, it is the case that there are some organisations whose budget is severely limited and thus, the chance to build a team using traditional methods is not possible. Being able to use an online platform that may be free to use gives them a chance to build their team at little cost.