New Architectural Designs in Housing

Most people want to include the newest trends in architecture in their house design when they are starting off with building a new home, but the truth is, many such features can be added to a home when renovating, so you don’t have to miss out. For instance, taking the indoors out by having an outside room for alfresco dining and entertaining doesn’t have to be limited to new homes. It can easily become your latest renovation idea for the home you have.


And being able to step off the outdoor room straight into your pool may seem like a luxury, but it is, in fact, quite easy to achieve and affordable –  so long as you haven’t already built a pool further down the backyard.

Here are some newer architectural designs you might like to include in your home or home renovation.

  • Exposed beams in the kitchen are stained or varnished, so they keep that beautiful wood grain finish. They can also be in other parts of the home and be treated differently, painted in keeping with the rest of the ceiling and walls.
  • A more open layout to the kitchen, such as having it all placed along one long wall and merging in with the wall finishes so it looks really minimalist. The design also includes bench seating, a small side table and easy chairs, things not usually found in a traditional kitchen. Brick walls and stained timber boards for the ceiling finish off this new-look kitchen.
  • At long last, the living room without digital distractions is back. It allows quiet family time that is sure to help bond your family. You can read a book or do crafts without the television blaring into your ears and eyes.
  • The sunroom is back; only it often has to be curved out of a corner by adding windows to an otherwise dark space. The idea is ideal when you can’t add another room due to space or zone restrictions. Instead, find a corner on the sunny side of the home and open it up with windows that are tall or wide – or both. Then have fun furnishing it.
  • The all-white kitchen is a popular trend, but it’s not quite all-white. Designers add amazing pops of colour using natural materials or crazy art on doors or the walls of an island or bright tiles on a splashback.
  • Transform that unused front porch by enclosing it for use as a mudroom. One wall can be for storage of all the outside hats, scarves and shoes, school bags and other things. Add a long bench seat so you can put those rubber boots on with ease, and several big hooks on the wall will take coats and umbrellas.  Great lighting and a sturdy outdoor mat will add ambience to this most useful of rooms.