How to Save on the Cost of Overseas Holidays

We all love the idea of overseas travel, but it can be costly, which is why we have that special bank account to save up enough for a great holiday. Many people choose Bali because it is the closest place with a hot climate and great beaches and so it costs less for the airfare. Accommodation is also affordable, especially if you go as a group and book some luxury accommodation with a villa company such as Luxury Villas Bali

An overseas holiday can cost a lot, but significant savings can be found when you follow some of the tips below.

  • Much of the cost of an overseas holiday is in the airfares, so getting deals here can save you a lot. Travel mid-week rather than Friday, Saturday or Sunday as airfares are reduced during the week.

  • Most people like to book well in advance, but being flexible with last-minute times and dates can get you a great deal in airfares. However, for those who like to be organised early, you can often get good deals by booking up to 12 months ahead, especially for ocean cruises.
  • Avoiding school holidays for your travel will likewise reduce the cost since this is the time that attracts a premium cost.
  • Shop around to get the best deal on almost everything from travel insurance to air-fares and from luggage to credit cards. Be especially careful to look at the overseas transaction costs and interest rates of the latter. Also, look at the costs that travel agents charge; some are more expensive than others. When you book at a good price, be sure the price you pay is locked in. Be aware there are often surcharges and booking fees that are added to the price.
  • If you are into theme parks, booking a season ticket online is often much cheaper than paying per visit at the gate. It is quicker too since you don’t have to stand in line to buy the ticket when you already have it.
  • When choosing a country to visit, note the exchange rate of the currency. It could save you a lot to choose a country where the rate is similar to your own currency. Otherwise, you may have to pay $20 or more for a cup of coffee.
  • Book accommodation that is not right in the centre of the city. These are premium locations, and the price will reflect that. Doing your research will ensure you get affordable accommodation, whether in a villa or a hotel.
  • Juggle the dates to avoid weekends if possible, as that is the time the prices rise. For instance, you may be able to have nearly two weeks but only one weekend. However, that means you will be travelling on the weekends, so work out whether you save the most in fares or accommodation.