How to Keep Your Carpet Clean Without Really Trying

Carpet is such a popular floor covering because it is soft, comfortable, warm and helps to reduce noise.  The only trouble with it is that carpet cleaning is a bit more difficult than a hard floor surface, and you may need assistance from professional carpet cleaners such as Brilliance Carpet Cleaning Perth. This often means the carpet only gets vacuumed but rarely washed professionally. Over time it gets grubby, but no one notices unless the furniture is moved around, and you can see patches of the original colour.

We would never leave a hard floor surface unwashed for a year, yet that seems normal for the carpet. This is often because the carpet is in the bedroom where not much wear and dirt gets on it. No one tramps into the bedroom with muddy shoes. However, if you want your carpet to last longer and look nicer, it’s a good idea to keep it cleaner in between professional shampoos.

There are several ways to ensure your carpet doesn’t get soiled.

  1. Keep inside shoes or slippers to wear on the carpet. These should never be worn outside, where they can pick up dirt and minute specks of gravel that will be ground into the carpet fibres.
  2. Don’t wear bare feet on the carpet, even if they look clean. The skin contains chemicals, and it also sweats, even if you don’t think it is. This can leave a residue that attracts dust and dirt and eventually makes the carpet look grubby and stained.
  3. Have mats at entrance points in the home, and make sure everyone wipes their feet on them before coming in. A mat on the outside of the doorway, as well as the inside, is good.
  4. Have mats at the entrance to the bedrooms and other rooms that are carpeted. Even if people forget to wipe their feet, the mats act as a brush as they walk on them.
  5. Make sure the mats are wide enough that people need to put both feet on them to get across. Otherwise, only one foot or shoe will be wiped.
  6. Sweep the paths regularly so leaves and dirt don’t accumulate.
  7. Make concrete paths to the doors if you don’t already have them, or at least have stepping stones that help your footwear stay clean.
  8. Vacuum the carpets often or at least once a week. More if you have inside pets.
  9. In wet weather, wipe pets’ paws as they come inside.
  10. Mop up spills immediately, dabbing at them rather than wiping, which can spread the stain further.
  11. Spot clean the carpet if you see a dirty mark. There are many good products on the market, or you can make your own.
  12. Cut the pet’s claws regularly as long sharp claws can hold dirt – until the pet walks across the carpet. Sharp claws can also cut into the carpet fibres.