How to Defend Yourself for a Traffic Violation

If you have been charged with a serious traffic violation and have to go to court, the best defence is to get help from experienced criminal lawyers such as PCLB Criminal Lawyers. However, this will cost you and not everyone can afford it. In fact, you can consult with the lawyers without having them appear in court. Sometimes people decide to defend their case on their own.

It is much easier to appear without a lawyer if you are going to plead guilty. While criminal lawyers may be able to offer evidence or speak on your behalf in a way that may reduce the penalty, there is still the fact that the court must at least apply the minimum penalty and cannot go below that. But they can also apply a maximum penalty.

If your offence is not considered a serious one, you can represent yourself, but often you are not even required to attend court.  You may get a Court Hearing Notice that allows you to return a form with your plea of guilty or not guilty written on it.  After the hearing, you will be notified of the results and the penalty and must abide by them.  If you commit another traffic offence, such as driving while disqualified, the penalty will be worse.

If your offence is really serious, you will get a Summons, and this means you must appear in court on the date set. It is really much better for you to get a lawyer to help you. This could result in a reduction of the gaol time. If your licence is going to be suspended and this will cause serious hardship, such as being unable to attend your job, then a criminal lawyer will do a far better job of representing you than you could do yourself. In fact, it is wise to get legal counsel even before you plead guilty or not guilty.

If you have to appear in court and want to defend yourself instead of having a lawyer, it is wise to gather all the evidence and study what is likely to happen as a result of your violation. You can also find information online about how the court proceedings go. If there is time, it’s a good idea to sit in on another trial just so you will feel more familiar with the happenings at your own trial.

You can get a lot of information online from places such as Legal Aid WA. You can also get a duty lawyer to help you for free, but only on the day of the court hearing.  Make sure you arrive on time and are dressed neatly to give a good impression. You must also be respectful to all those involved. Otherwise, you could find yourself facing a contempt of court charge.