How Not to Upgrade the Bathroom

Many people think that the best way to sell their home quickly or add value is to upgrade the bathroom. They may take out the shower screen and leave that space empty to make the room look bigger, but all it does is create more work wiping down the splashes. The better idea is to install frameless glass shower screens.

That way, you get the look of more space without the mess. When you think about it, the shower is mostly next to the bath or the toilet. So if you shower without walls – a trend that was once popular – you will have to wipe dirty water off the toilet or out of the bath even though you didn’t use it.

If your shower is not close to either, look at where the splashes will go; very likely right out onto the floor where everyone has to walk, you included. So you’ll have to mop the floor – and that’s all the more work.

Another mistake in upgrading the bathroom is to do something really costly and fancy such as moving the bath into the bedroom or removing the wall between the ensuite and bedroom for ease of access. Not many people will buy your home if you do this. Who wants all the bathroom smells and steam to escape into the bedroom? Even though you may love this idea for the glamour or apparent luxury, stop and think if it will really be so good.

There are times when you want extreme privacy in the bathroom. There is none when the ensuite shares the same space as the bedroom.

So before doing that bathroom upgrade, make sure you get it right. A frameless glass shower screen is the way to go, and it is not nearly as expensive as moving the bath into the bedroom. At least you won’t have any extra plumbing to do.

The shower screen is made of toughened glass, which is very durable and tough. When there is no frame, it allows you to see right through the space as if there were nothing there at all. So if there is a feature wall behind it, there will be no interruption to the look of it, no awkward angles to cover some of it up. This draws the eye right to the wall, thus making the area seem much bigger.

What if you have no feature wall? This is the time to install one. It will still be cheaper than the above bad idea. Are expensive tiles still out of your budget? Purchase just a few expensive tiles and surround them with plainer, cheaper ones. That way, they’ll stand out more, and you get the best of both worlds.