How Email Marketing Works

If you are considering putting up an eCommerce website, you may be wondering just how it all works.  One thing that is essential is some kind of online marketing. There are many online web stores, so unless you have a sound digital marketing plan in place, not much targeted traffic will end up on your website. One of the easiest ways to market is by email. However, you do have to have an email list before you can do this.

Here’s how it works.  When visitors land on your website, you can offer them a free gift in return for their email address. This can be a digital gift, so you don’t have the cost of freight. Valuable information or a short email course with tips in it to do with whatever you are selling often works. Or you could offer a newsletter that lets them know of new stock or discounts ahead of anyone else.

The email address goes straight to your email hosts, such as MailChimp or aWeber, that you have linked to your website – which will probably be organised by your Web hosting specialists at You then go to that website and provide a set of emails to your clients, the first one being a welcome email that reminds them why and where they signed up. After the welcome email, you can schedule just one or many emails to go out every week, fortnightly, monthly or more often, however often you think it should be.

Most people don’t want to be badgered with an email every day, but once or twice a week is ok. In those emails, you need to also offer valuable information on the topic of your product, be it clothing, gifts or whatever.  You don’t need to push sales in every email or sound too pushy. It is best to speak to the recipient in the same way you would to your friends, but perhaps slightly more professionally. Keep it polite but also friendly.

On the email host, you will find the functionality to schedule these emails to go out by day and by time.  Many people consider around 8 am a good time because people often check their email in the mornings. However, the morning break or evening are also good times. If you track the responses, you’ll be able to see when most of your emails are opened and stick to that time and day.

Emails need to have a really interesting heading and the first line that then leads into your information – and offer if you are making one. What kind of information?  If you sell fashion, then fashion tips or trends would always be good to include in the email.  If you are selling pet accessories, you could have tips on caring for a pet.  It’s good to include images in the email to create interest and help break up the text.  Email marketing should not be boring or difficult, especially if you have a passion for what you are selling.