Home Design – Rough or Smooth Stone Cladding?

When we see stone out in its natural setting, bushland, it will usually look quite rough. Even when you view it as a garden wall, it may look rough, but it does not have to. Smooth stone is much better for internal use because if you bump against it, you won’t scrape the skin off. Stone cladding that is diamond cut is smooth.

You may have thought the term diamond cut was something to do with the shape of the block. In fact, the term refers to the diamond tipped tools that are used to cut the blocks into the required size and shape. Diamond is a very hard surface, so the saws used to cut through the stone are extremely sharp and can go at a high speed without becoming blunt. This is what gives the stone its smooth finish.

Years ago, this was not possible as such tools were not yet invented. That is why when you see ancient buildings made with limestone blocks, the stone looks rough, even though weathering may have given it a slightly smoother finish. Some feature walls are not smooth because the roughness is part of the attraction. However, being rough makes them difficult to clean, and specks of dust are difficult to remove. That is why a smooth finish is preferred most of the time.

When you intend to use stone cladding in your home or limestone blocks outside it, you need to know the difference and that you have two options smooth or rough finish. The reconstituted stone that has cement in it can also be rough or smooth. You would leave it rough for a driveway or path so it would not be slippery in wet weather or if covered in dew.

But inside the home, you could have it polished to a smoother finish. This would make it easier to wash and vacuum, so the difference is important. Such building materials are incredibly strong, durable and pleasing to look at, but if they are difficult to clean, you may regret choosing them. Knowing you can get a smooth finish means you don’t have to worry about cleaning.

External wall cladding is also very nice to look at when it is diamond cut. It, too, will stay cleaner from environmental pollution when it has a smooth surface. Bird droppings will wash off with the next rain shower, as well as dust, dirt and other air-borne particles that come to rest on the walls.

This is why it is good to have the choice of rough or smooth. A feature wall in the garden or even inside will look beautiful in a rough stone, but you may not want the whole house to have a rough to the touch interior.