Home Design Options to Make Access Easier

Not all homes are suitable for those who cannot manage steps or stairs easily. People who have been injured or the frail aged are likely to find it difficult to go upstairs in their homes. Rather than having to purchase a house with no steps and then have the trouble of packing and calling a removal company, the option of installing a lift of some kind should be looked into. There are several different types.

The simplest and easiest of all is the chair lift that works in tandem with your staircase. It is just like a chair, but it attaches to the handrail and glides gently up or down at the touch of a button. There is a seat belt to ensure safety. Those using it need to be able to work out how to operate the chair and to stay in it for safety, so it may not suit anyone with dementia unless they have a carer with them all the time.

Perhaps more convenient, a lift that takes two or more people can be installed inside the home. It doesn’t take up much room, and the mechanical parts can be in the basement or the ceiling cavity to save space. In some cases they can be on the top of the lift so no more room is needed.

There are several types of lifts for homes, and the one you choose may depend on your budget, but you also need to have the installers look at your home to see which one would be the best fit. For instance, your home may be designed with a garage or storage area underneath and external stairs leading to the first floor, which is the living area. Then there could be another storey for the bedrooms.

In such a home, you could have a lift that went right to ground level so you could load all the shopping into it instead of having to lug it up those stairs. It is also good for taking other heavy things from floor to floor or ground level. The vacuum cleaner, cleaning supplies, linen, laundry and so on can all be taken in the lift, and you won’t have to carry a thing.

A lift will enable you to stay in your home for many years, and it will be much safer when you don’t have to traverse the stairs. You can go downstairs and spend some time pottering around in the garden and not have to climb back up those stairs when you feel tired.

Lifts in homes are also an excellent idea for younger people with a baby or a toddler. Getting the pram and other baby paraphernalia downstairs, as well as the baby and maybe a toddler as well is difficult, to say the least. A lift would certainly simplify your life and make it easier and safer.