Enhancing Your Home and Garden with Outdoor Lighting

When you have a beautiful home and garden, it’s a shame not to make the best of it with outdoor lighting. Even though a good electrician will be needed to install it all properly, it’s well worth the added cost when you can entertain out by the pool or gazebo without fumbling around in the dark or bothering with lamps or candles, both of which can be dangerous if they are knocked over.

If you plan on having a dedicated alfresco dining or entertaining area, you’ll certainly need adequate lighting to have the best time.  Even if you just have a gazebo in the back area, having it fitted out with attractive lights will enable you to get more use out of it. You can use it as a retreat from noisy teens, send them out there to practice their musical instruments or have fun, leaving you in peace for an hour or two.

Having garden lights will enable you to show off a special tree or feature as well as lighting up the pathway to make it safer for that leisurely after-dark stroll.  Light also helps to keep mosquitoes away, so you won’t be as likely to get bitten if you live in a climate where mozzies thrive.

Garden lights and other lighting will have to be installed by a professional electrician to ensure they are safe. You can have inside switches to turn them on or off at will. If you are entertaining, you’d want them on so your visitors can wander through your garden and admire all the beautiful plants, even after dark.

Lights in the outside areas are also a safety feature that few burglars would want to tangle with. They prefer to break into a place that is in darkness all night rather than one where outside lights are likely to come on at any time.  You might want to have a floodlight installed that can be put onto a timer so it can be set to come on throughout the night while you are away. This is sure to protect your house from break-ins.

Motion sensor lights are another good way to protect your home. These come on when they sense movement. If you have a dog or cat, choose one with a higher sensor so the animals don’t set it off. That way, it won’t be flashing on and off all night as your pets – or someone else’s – go on their midnight adventures.

With all the advantages of having electric lights outdoors bring, having them installed properly is essential. You won’t have to worry about the weather or tripping over long extension leads to get those lights where you want them.