Do You Need a Dental Implant?

Dental implant experts have been using them successfully for many years to treat certain dental problems.  While they are not suitable for every case of a lost tooth, they can provide a way for tooth replacement without the need for dentures.  While dentures are better than nothing, many people find them uncomfortable, especially those on the bottom gums.

What are dental implants, and what do you need to know before your dental implant procedure?

They consist of three different components: –

  1. A dental implant into the bone of the gum
  2. A connector or abutment must be inserted onto the first implant
  3. The artificial tooth or crown that is then connected to the abutment

It can take 3-6 months for all this to happen because the implant must be left to heal completely, and the bone needs to grow around it to make it secure.  Then more healing is needed after the abutment is inserted. The last stage, or connection of the crown, is the simplest part of the whole operation.

Some people heal more quickly than others. This is usually those who are younger or in the best health. Older people or those in poor health will take longer for the procedure to heal completely. However, once it is done, the tooth will look just like a natural one and no special care is needed to look after it, apart from the usual cleaning teeth regime.

Why they are better than dentures

Even though it may take a long time to complete, the benefits are many. Dentures are traditionally known to be uncomfortable and even fall out at times. Then they need a separate cleaning routine. And finally, they can break or crack and need replacement as the mouth changes shape over the years.

In addition to that, having teeth out often makes the adjacent teeth move to close the gap, with the end result of crooked teeth, not to mention when teeth are not there, bone is lost in the jaw, and this can cause the cheeks to collapse inward, giving a gaunt appearance.

Cost of implants

While the initial cost of dental implants may be more, over time, they are cheaper than dentures and provide a much more comfortable appearance and a natural look. So it’s really worthwhile discussing the possibility of having implants instead of dentures. It’s not a new treatment, as implants have been used for 40 years.

Unfortunately, not everyone is a suitable candidate for this procedure.  Where the bones in the jaw are not strong – for instance, if you have bone disease or are elderly – the implant would not be strong enough to sustain the tooth. Most people don’t realise just how much pressure they put on their teeth in biting and chewing.