Sorgiovanni DesignsMost people who have had anything to do with yachts and the superyacht industry will have heard of Sam Sorgiovanni, an Australian yacht designer whose work in designing the outside and inside of yachts is renowned worldwide. For many years Sorgiovanni was nominated for best design awards and been acknowledged as the winner in most of them due to his creativity, his attention to detail and  insistence on excellence in all aspects of his design.

Such is his contribution to the superyacht industry he was inducted into the Australian Superyacht Industry Hall of Fame, joining several other notables whose work and creativity in this area has been similarly acknowledged and rewarded.

Starting his career studying Industrial Design, after gaining his BA, Sorgiovanni worked for Oceanfast for several years, being mentored by other famous designers and gaining worldwide experience before deciding to set up his own design studios in Fremantle, WA in 1997. He and his team of designers have worked from there on many of the famous yachts that now grace harbours in many parts of the world.

He has designed yachts such as the 120m resort yacht Amana, designed in collaboration with Oceanco and the 82.3m superyacht Secret, which he designed the externals of, the 84m motor yacht White Rabbit Golf, not to mention many others, over his lifetime. It is one of Sorgiovanni’s rules that a designer should look both backwards and forwards when designing anything so that the mistakes of the past can be avoided and so that new technology can be used to make the design even better.

Sorgiovanni also travels to different countries to consult on yacht designs for other companies and for clients whose dreams he brings into reality in a practical way. He points to his clients as playing a large part in the inspiration for the yachts he designs. However, it is the constant study of the latest technologies and his pursuit of excellence in both design and the implementation of that design that have made his a famous name in the superyacht industry.

Added into the mix of elements that have made his career an illustrious one must be the environment he grew up in. Australia is surrounded by water, making it a country where boats of all shapes and sizes are part of life for many residents. From there springs the manufacturing industries that cater to the making of those boats. Sergiovanni doesn’t hesitate to recommend Australian products to be part of the yachts he designs, with the only requirement being that they are of the highest quality possible.

Sorgiovanni continues to design amazing super yachts, the aim of which is to offer resort style facilities on board a private yacht in an environment that is one of the most beautiful of all – a safe harbour.

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