Design Tips for Improving the Exterior of Your Home

Many people get caught up with inside renovations while leaving the outside of their homes to the weather. But if the outside is not attractive, your home will lose value, and people will think the inside will be just as bad or worse, important when it comes time to sell. You may never get a chance to book Brilliance Removalists Perth if you don’t take steps to renovate the outside of the home. It is not as difficult as you think, as these 12 tips show.

  • Paint the outside of the front door a bright colour, add new door handles and locks and purchase a new front door mat. Add one or two attractive pot plants that match or contrast, and you will have created street appeal, something that is important, even if you are not going to sell.

  • Look at the external walls of your home and see if they have mould or green algae growing on them. Clean it off by brushing or hosing. If this doesn’t work, use a pressure cleaner. While you are at it, clean off the paths and driveways. This will really brighten up the look of your property.
  • Install a new mailbox and gate. Both tend to get worse for wear over time.
  • Repair and paint the front fence if you have one.
  • Plant some shrubs along the front lawn, or choose just one spectacular shrub for the centre of the lawn. Don’t plant tall trees that can crash down on your roof in years to come.
  • Keep the lawn neatly mowed, or have it done if you can’t do it.
  • If you have garden beds, weed them and add new mulch. This will soon improve the plants while it helps to keep the weeds down.
  • White pebbles look effective on narrow beds, especially if brightly coloured flowers are growing there.
  • Have a dog kennel? Paint it to match the house.
  • If your backyard is hot, add a shade sail to create a cooler environment. Pot plants should grow well under the dappled shade – a seat will let you enjoy them in comfort.
  • Don’t forget the back door – and steps, if you have any. It’s good to keep the front looking bright, but the back is also important. Steps that are loose or rotten can cause a nasty fall, so it is essential to have these seen to.
  • Add a barbeque area using pavers and external furniture that will weather well.

Making the outside of your home look attractive and appealing will not only increase the value of it but enhance your lifestyle. Just being able to enjoy the look of an upgraded yard will increase your enjoyment and help you to relax more.