Carpet Design – The Easiest Carpet to Clean

When choosing a new carpet, it is easy to go overboard and want the shag or long pile carpet because it feels so soft, warm, and luxurious to the touch – at least while it is new.  Even the mid-length pile carpet choices feel extraordinary and look great in the samples. However, experienced carpet cleaners will tell you that once they get a bit of wear and tear, those long strands tend to get matted, especially during carpet cleaning procedures.

The easiest carpet to clean is the one with the least pile. Flat-looking carpet may not look as luxurious, but if you get a colour you like, you’ll appreciate it more due to its easy cleaning. The vacuum cleaner is easier to push and pull over, but stains and spills come out much more quickly.  Vacuuming a long carpet pile is more difficult because all those long strands get sucked up.  But they also get tangled easily, which traps the dust and dirt in and under them.

Imagine trying to blot up a wine spill from a carpet or mat with a pile some centimetres long. Not only will clean fibres get in the way and may end up soiled as you try to blot up the spill, those that are stained already will flop and flip around, spreading the stain as they go.

If you want a carpet that always looks good, is easy to clean and is suited to high-traffic areas, get a level loop pile carpet. This type of carpet doesn’t have an actual pile, so footprints on it are not visible.  The rug is made from thick strands woven directly into the base, giving the finish a pebbled look. However, the look can vary depending on the type of loop used. Some loop pile carpets have an attractive design by adding a different pile at intervals.

No carpet will clean well unless you have a strong vacuum cleaner. Cheaper vacuum cleaners may suck dirt and dust off a hard floor surface, but they cannot provide enough suction to get dust and dirt out of the carpet, especially if it is trapped under fibres.  While a strong cleaner will be more expensive, seeing your floors sparkling clean with less effort is worth the investment.

If you have inside pets, their hair and dander (dead skin) will come off the carpet. It will help to keep you and your children free of allergies if you can keep the carpets dirt and dust free, so choosing a rug that is easy to clean is the first step to a healthier lifestyle.