A Major Renovation to Save You Moving

Sometimes the home we love becomes unsuitable for some reason. It may be too big to manage as we grow older, but often the problem is that it is now much too small. The trouble is, if you’ve been in an area you like for some years and have good friends there, it can be difficult to move. If you don’t want to call a removalist like Brilliance Removalists Brisbane, here is a major renovation you could possibly do to get that extra space you so badly need.

Look up!

Renovating the attic will give you the space you need if you can’t build outwards due to the boundary being too close. Going up will create a charming room suitable for teenagers who are happy to climb the stairs. In fact, they may be happy to use the pull down stairs, which will save quite a bit on the cost of the upgrade.

The main work to make an attic habitable is: –

  • insulation in the ceiling and walls
  • Windows to let in light and fresh air.
  • The floor will have to be strengthened and carpet laid.
  • The stairs are built unless your teen likes the idea of pulling them up after him.
  • Adequate lighting
  • Heating/cooling
  • Power points
  • Painting

Most of these renovation jobs are too complex for the home handyman. Besides, you will need to put in plans for council approval. A licensed electrician will be needed to install the wiring for the lighting and power points, and the whole will need to be inspected, unlike many other kinds of home renovations.

The attic could also make a great office for those who don’t mind steep stairs. It is wise to ensure there is a sturdy handrail for them. That said, if you have enough room, they may not need to be any steeper than normal stairs. A builder who is experienced in doing this kind of renovation should be consulted for the best results.

Having your teen – or two of them – move into the attic will certainly free up room downstairs. These can be converted to a small flat to house aging parents, bedrooms for guests or additional children, or an office if you have a home-based business. There are many options to choose from, and you will have the relief of knowing you don’t have to leave your home and friends.

While converting the attic may seem fairly costly, it will certainly not be more than selling up and moving into a new home would be. Don’t forget the real estate agents and the removalist’s fees all add to the cost of buying a new home, even if you don’t need to get a loan. And your teen will very likely love it.