6 Design Tips for Your Pergola Furniture

When it comes to pergolas residents understand that they not only enhance your lifestyle, but can be used in many ways. They can be erected right against the home and attached to it, or they can create a little oasis in the back yard for anyone to wants, to enjoy. To get the best out of your pergola, here are some tips on how to furnish it.

  • First of all you need to make it comfortable. A board on two drums just won’t cut it. People love to be comfortable, especially if they’ve worked hard all day and need to rest. There is plenty of affordable outdoor furniture that is suitable for use in a pergola. Add a full sofa or some easy chairs so you can chat with a friend there. If you are on a strict budget look on gumtree or go to garage sales for cheap furniture. A little paint and it will be like new again. A table will also be handy and if there’s room add a cupboard for storage.
  • Thinking of paint, use lots of colour in pergolas, don’t be content with dull and boring. You can make that pergola sizzle with interesting colour in the pot plants, furniture and other accessories. Adding one or two whimsical ornaments will keep you smiling.

  • A pergola is meant to be an outside structure. Add lush pot plants, but having a garden, a hedge or even a vine growing up to create a living wall can add so much more. Add a retaining wall to two sides and grow special tall plants behind them, or install a trellis for a vine to grow over. Use lots of tall greenery rather than short annuals.
  • Don’t forget the shade blades. This can turn your pergola into an outdoor space that can be used on the hottest days or in showery conditions. Simply shut the blades for more protection; open them for less. They can also be used on the walls for shade and privacy.
  • Lighting can be anything from some tiki-torches to solar lighting or special lighting installed by an electrician; it’s your call. Having the pergola well lit will enable you to use it for parties in the night or anytime for anything.
  • Less is more in a small place, so if your pergola is small, remember not to clutter it up with too much. Move the pot plants to the edges for more room. Two easy chairs might fit better than a long sofa. You can always take folding chairs out when you need more seating.

Once you have that pergola looking spick and span you will probably think of even more ways to make it more comfortable and fun.