10 Tips for Choosing an Overseas Holiday

Many people travel overseas on holidays each year, while others may only go once or twice in a lifetime. No matter how often or seldom you go, the whole idea is usually to relax, have fun and see something a bit different from your own country. Often, booking a holiday package ahead of time gets you a good deal, but you have to be careful of where you choose to go because some countries are dangerous for various reasons.

Here are ten tips for choosing an overseas destination for a holiday.

  • Go online and listen to the news to find out if the country you want to go to is safe. What was safe last year is not necessarily the same this year – and vice versa. Should there be a coup of some kind, it is best to stay away until things settle down.

  • Don’t travel alone. Most countries have their share of thieves and muggers. A person alone can often be a target, especially a woman. If you are single go in a group.
  • Even if the country was considered safe when you booked, check again before the departure date to make sure it still is.
  • Pack clothes for the climate of your destination. It could be the opposite of what you are experiencing in your own country.
  • Be sure to get everything, such as passports and visas, ready ahead of time, and don’t forget those shots. Many countries have high health risks, and getting sick will surely spoil your holiday – and often the many weeks afterwards.
  • If flying, make sure you only take what the airline allows. There are many rules and regulations now, including the banning of things like crochet hooks and knitting needles that could be used as weapons.  Take a crossword book instead.
  • You may be able to get a cheaper holiday by avoiding peak times, but if you are going because you want to swim or ski, missing the peak time might also mean missing out on the snow or the hot weather needed to enjoy that activity, so it all depends on what you have planned.
  • Choose a country where the exchange rate is not going to cause problems with your budget.
  • Make sure you tell family or friends where and when you are going and when you’ll be home. Try and keep in touch with them during the holiday. Set a time and date for phoning or emailing so they know if you miss it you could be in trouble.
  • Get travel insurance because accidents and sickness often happen when on holiday. Being hospitalised overseas could cost a bomb, as could be flown home without insurance.